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Studio Atelier May 2011 Painting Project (first stages)

Well, this is as far as I got on Barb Benik's Studio Atelier Challenge (see her photo on my TV above). But I plan to post the completed painting soon!

May 2011

The weather has been exceptionally sunny and warm this April and May. Wish I'd done some painting on location. Unfortunately, I've only managed a couple of colored pencil drawings:

I'm also eager to paint the Studio Atelier Sunflower photo this month and something on the Riviera for the Virtual Paintout. Here are my preliminary sketches using Neocolour IIs and pencil:

1) café in Nice, 2) house on Route Stratégique, 3) La Place Masséna

La Foire de Saint Job à Uccle

(cette année:  Samedi 19 septembre 2015)

Every year in September a big open air market is held on Place Saint Job. Farmers show off their livestock, there are rides for children, a band parades through the streets and stands offer info about the community. For a few years I took part in an event for artists that coincided with the market. Here are the paintings I produced "live" from my stand the day of the market:

"Pasta Commedia" (2005)
oil on canvas
(private collection)

"Foire de St Job - 2006"
oil on canvas
(private collection, UK)

"Foire de Saint Job - 2007"
40x40cm, oil on canvas