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Virtual Paintout - Iceland II & III - November 2013 (first stages)

"The Westfjords"
10x15cm, oil on canvas

More stress-free travel via Google Street View, where I'm now discovering the Westfjords region of Iceland and worked on these two small oil sketches.  I had forgotten how different it felt to paint on a hard panel with a smooth finish. 

"Driving to Isafjördur"
13x18cm, oil on board

Virtual Paintout - Iceland - November 2013

This month the Virtual Paintout is taking place in Iceland (that is, we are painting from images of the country found in Google Street View). In my "virtual" travels, I stumbled upon the Skógafoss waterfall, which seems to pour out from a gigantic "fold" in the earth. I think I would enjoy trying this again using a different format but I also want to leave time to paint the famous Eyjafjallajökull volcano ... and possibly even learn how to pronounce it!

20x20cm, o
il on canvas