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Paintings from Trouville, France

Souvenirs from Normandy (location paintings in oil):

"La poissonnerie et le quai" (August 1986)
13 x 16 inch, oil on canvas
Private collection, USA

Les Vaches Noires (the cliffs in the distance),
painted in Villers sur Mer early one morning in August 1986 

"Les Vaches Noires" 
22x27cm, oil on canvas

This canvas has a lot of sand in the paint! 

"La Plage de Trouville"
24 x 30 cm, oil on canvas

Another sandy canvas of the beach in Trouville, where you can see a bit of the Hotel des Roches Noires on the right.

"La Plage avec l'Hotel des Roches Noires"
18x24cm, oil on canvas

Here's a link to Monet's painting of the hotel (which I know well because I copied it twice!): Monet


"Rooftops before the storm"
19x24cm, oil on canvas panel

"Rooftops with church"
50x40 cm, oil on canvas

"Rooftops in the sun"
22.5 x 27.5 cm, oil on masonite

From another window:

"Villas on the hill"
30 x 24 cm, oil on canvas

"Near Deauville"
6x8 inch, oil on canvas panel

"Sunset in Trouville"
24x19cm, oil on canvas