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Promenade dans le Payottenlaan

"Bruxelles vue du Payottenlaan"
18x24cm, oil on canvas 

This is based on a photograph taken in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, looking towards Drogenbos.

At the time, I painted a smaller canvas on location: a view of the nearby yellow water tower. It was October and cold out so I couldn't stay there too long but the tiny canvas came in handy later as a color guide for the studio painting.

"Chateau d'eau jaune"
12x12cm, oil on canvas

10ème Parcours d'Artistes d'Uccle

Nous serons au Bookshop d'Oxfam à Uccle pour la 10ème édition du Parcours d'Artistes les 23, 24, et 25 mai!   

The Bookshop will be open during the entire Pentecost weekend.  Everyone is welcome to stop by and see the exhibit of paintings and jewelry as well as the huge collection of books, including many in English.

Link to jewelry: Bijoux éthnique de Dominique