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Virtual Paintout - County Clare, Ireland (II) - December 2010

This is my second submission for the December Virtual Paintout. 

Click here to see the reference photo in Google Street View.

"View from the road at Killeagy (Stritch)"

nearly 16x20 inches, oil on canvas

Orange Bouquet

Final painting for the December 2010 Studio Atelier project on the Internet, where Barb Benik posts her photographs for artists to use as reference material for their paintings. First steps here: painting a vase of flowers

"Orange bouquet"
60 x 45 cm, oil on canvas

The Studio Atelier December 2010 Painting Project (first stages)

I had planned to work on a second Co Clare painting this morning when the Studio Atelier caught my eye. I put Barb Benik's photograph on my TV and couldn't resist taking out my oil paints and giving it a go, right away.

Link to Studio AtelierI know I should hold back more at the beginning because I wind up having to fix things later on and, in this case, the perspective turned out to be more challenging than I thought. I also need to take time to squeeze out all the colours on my palette, get a clean rag, pour out some fresh Low Odour Thinner, etc, but (as usual) I never thought I'd be painting all day.
The photograph (which is fantastic, I repeat) somehow seems to just paint itself... :)
See my progress below (Day One):

Day Two:

(Still working on this one!)

Virtual Paintout - Co Clare, Ireland - December 2010 - Completed Painting

"County Clare, Ireland"
40x40cm, oil on canvas

Virtual Paintout - Co Clare, Ireland - December 2010

Unfortunately I missed November's Paintout (first time since starting in May). I spent way too much time travelling around Rio and left no time for painting. So this month I forced myself to get an early start. I wasn't sure if I would finish in time so I submitted the above (nearly finished) version of the painting. County Clare is beautiful by the way. What amazing greens! I hope to give Ireland another shot later in the month.

Below are steps 1, 2, and 3. 
I always try to take these photos to remember what I've done -- where did it go right or wrong....

Very impatient to see the greens right at the beginning...

Starting to take shape but I know I'll have to stop here for a while.

Managed to come back to the painting and although I've become fascinated by the wall, the tree has started to seem like a daunting task.....

Here's the link in Google Street View: LINK

See my next post for the completed painting: County Clare - final

"County Clare, Ireland"
40x40cm, oil on canvas

Virtual Paintout - San Miguel de Allende - October 2010

Well, I haven't had much time to myself this month but didn't want to miss out on painting Mexico so yesterday I got out my Sennelier oil pastels. When I first bought them I thought they'd been on the shelf too long cause they were so sticky and gooey. I've since found out that people like them this way so I'm giving them another shot. Blending with your fingers creates nice effects but I think I need to buy stronger soap to wash up! I selected this street for it's flowers (obviously) and found the cars quite colourful as well. Maybe I'll return to this scene with oil paints some day.

Here's the reference material in Google Street View: LINK

"San Miguel de Allende"
8.5 x 12 inch, 
oil pastel on paper

(private collection, Brussels)

Virtual Paintout - Manhattan - September 2010

After August on PEI, it was fun getting back to the city. I loved all the colors on this corner but didn't want to miss out on a chance to paint some NY cabs so I borrowed those from somewhere near Central Park!
Here's the reference material in Google Street View: LINK

30.5 x 40.5 cm, oil on canvas
(private collection, Brussels)

Virtual Paintout PEI 28 August 2010

Here's my submission for the Virtual Paintout this month. Route 225 (west of Charlottetown) turned out to be a great find because of the clouds and beautiful rural landscapes. At (approximately) Lot 31, I had a clear view of farmland and these yellow flowers that line the roads on the island.

"Landscape PEI"
30x40xm, oil on canvas

Virtual Paintout on Prince Edward Island (22 August)

The deadline is approaching for August's Virtual Paintout and I haven't had a chance to complete my painting yet. I spent quite a long time exploring the long roads on the island in search of the ideal spot. I found a great lighthouse view but then saw I wasn't the first to set up my easel there so hesitated. Finally, I chose to tackle these clouds!
Here's the Google Street View LINK.

Promenade à Bolland le 8 November 2009

It's raining today (4 August 2010) so I painted from a photo taken last autumn in the countryside near Herve.

"Promenade à Bolland"

24x30 cm, oil on canvas

Tuesday afternoon at the Bois de la Cambre, 3 August 2010

"Tuesday afternoon at the Bois de la Cambre"
18x24cm, oil on canvas board
(private collection, Brussels)

Virtual Paintout Hong Kong July 2010

Here's my contribution for the Virtual Paintout this month.

"Pedestrian Crossing, Tai Tong Road, Hong Kong"
Oil on canvas, 19.5x33cm

(private collection, Brussels)

Virtual Paintout Hawaii June 2010

In June, we "surfed" to Hawaii. After exploring the islands, I opted for a street scene with palm trees in Honolulu.

Port devant la Gare d'Ostende

In response to the Urban Sketcher's Theme Week: June 27 - July 3: Harbors (See my contribution: Flickr) Water color & pencil

KAUWBERG - 5 June 2010

Colored pencil.

Virtual Paintout Czech Republic May 2010 (III)

Colored Pencil

Bois de la Cambre, Brussels

"Jour férié au Bois de la Cambre"
markers, colored pencil and ink in sketchbook

Parc Tenbosch, Bruxelles (Ixelles)

"Parc Tenbosch"
markers in sketchbook

Le Jardin Botanique à Metz, France

"Le Jardin Botanique"
Colored Pencil in sketchbook

Further work on Prague II

"Strolling down Mostecka road in Prague"
24x30cm, oil on canvas
(private collection, Ireland)

Virtual Paintout Czech Republic May 2010 (II)

Strolling down Mostecka road in Prague
Oil on canvas

See my next post for the completed painting:  Czech Republic (II), final version

Virtual Paintout Czech Republic May 2010 (I)

Colored Pencil

April in Brussels

Colored pencil

KAUWBERG - 24 April 2010

Colored pencil.