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The Studio Atelier December 2010 Painting Project (first stages)

I had planned to work on a second Co Clare painting this morning when the Studio Atelier caught my eye. I put Barb Benik's photograph on my TV and couldn't resist taking out my oil paints and giving it a go, right away.

Link to Studio AtelierI know I should hold back more at the beginning because I wind up having to fix things later on and, in this case, the perspective turned out to be more challenging than I thought. I also need to take time to squeeze out all the colours on my palette, get a clean rag, pour out some fresh Low Odour Thinner, etc, but (as usual) I never thought I'd be painting all day.
The photograph (which is fantastic, I repeat) somehow seems to just paint itself... :)
See my progress below (Day One):

Day Two:

(Still working on this one!)

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  1. It's already great! Doesn't need anything more!
    I love the way you paint and the photos of the several stages of paintings you post.
    Happy New Year!