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Virtual Paintout - San Miguel de Allende - October 2010

Well, I haven't had much time to myself this month but didn't want to miss out on painting Mexico so yesterday I got out my Sennelier oil pastels. When I first bought them I thought they'd been on the shelf too long cause they were so sticky and gooey. I've since found out that people like them this way so I'm giving them another shot. Blending with your fingers creates nice effects but I think I need to buy stronger soap to wash up! I selected this street for it's flowers (obviously) and found the cars quite colourful as well. Maybe I'll return to this scene with oil paints some day.

Here's the reference material in Google Street View: LINK

"San Miguel de Allende"
8.5 x 12 inch, 
oil pastel on paper

(private collection, Brussels)