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Virtual Paintout - Charleston SC - July 2013 (first stages)

Bill Guffey selected Charleston, South Carolina, for this month's Virtual Paintout. I've never been there but it looks like a beautiful city. I thought it would be fun to start by painting one of these horse-drawn carriages in the historic district (Link). Meanwhile, I've had my television on all day because it's the Belgian National Holiday (21 July) and the country also has a new King Philippe today, following the abdication of his father, Albert II. So when I checked the name of the Charleston Street I was painting, I was surprised to find out I was on King Street!

"King Street"
10x15 cm, oil on canvas

Vive la France!

Today is Bastille Day (14th of July) and I've just returned from visiting the French city of Metz, so I thought it fitting to post my sketches from the trip! (Further details on my Flickr account.)