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Elba Beachscape

"Elba Beachscape"
30x30cm, oil on linen canvas panel
(private collection, Brussels)

Virtual Paintout - Elba II - February 2012 (first stages)

This is my second submission for the Virtual Paintout in Elba. I'm on the Lungomare John Fitzergerald Kennedy in Cavo looking towards the beach. Of course, that's just wishful thinking! I'm not really there; I'm painting from the Google Street View image (see LINK).

"Elba Beachscape"
30x30cm, oil on linen canvas panel
(private Collection, Brussels)

Wolvendael Magazine - February 2012

My 2006 painting of the "Foire de Saint Job" illustrates page 49 of February's Wolvendael magazine ("Journal Ucclois des information communales, culturelles et commerciales")!

Virtual Paintout - Elba - February 2012

Right after my last post and my Street View travels over Rocky Mountain ski slopes, the weather suddenly turned cold in Belgium and on Friday it snowed all afternoon causing huge traffic jams throughout the Kingdom. Now that it finally feels like winter here, Bill Guffey has decided to send us to a warm, sunny island in Tuscany for February's Virtual Paintout -- not a bad idea! The Via della Costa winds through breathtaking scenery where cliffs drop into the Mediterranean. I couldn't wait to try painting this view of Chiessi in the Comune di Marciana. This was not as easy as I expected but definitely a lot of fun and I'd like to try the same view again on a bigger canvas. The only problem is that I already have several other locations picked out on Elba...

Here's the Street View image in Google: Chiessi

24x30cm, oil on canvas