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Virtual Paintout - Rome - December 2014

Years ago when I visited Rome, I was impressed by its tall trees with their leaves all the way up at the top. They looked like they belonged in a Renaissance painting. So when Bill Guffey selected Rome for this month's Virtual Paintout, I set out to find some of these trees. Not difficult as they are everywhere in the ancient city. I'm not surprised to discover they are called "Umbrella Pines" and have been used for their decorative qualities for centuries. Above are some of these pines near the ruins of the "Terme di Caracalla". 

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"Roman Baths"
5x7 inch, oil on canvas panel

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  1. Hi Catherine. You're right! We did paint the same location for the Virtual Paintout, even close to the same angle. Yours has such a wonderful Classical painting look to it!