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Virtual Paintout - Sardinia II - October 2011

This is my second contribution to the Virtual Paintout for October. I have not moved very far from my initial spot on this road in Sardinia overlooking Lago di Cucchinadorza but I think I managed to get a better reproduction of my drawing this time by taking a picture rather than scanning, following the suggestion of a fellow VP artist. I have since realised that most of the images I submitted were photographs and not scans (since they were usually oil paintings). I am also experimenting with various papers for my Faber-Castell Polychromos. This was my first drawing in a giant "Peacock Heavy Weight Wire Bound Sketchbook" (from the back-to-art-school sales in September). Although it was fun to work on a BIG drawing for a change (12" x 16.5" or 29.7 x 42 cm), I found the paper a bit too smooth for these colored pencils. Getting the right combination of pencil and paper is mindboggling. Back to the drawing board!

Here is the link to the scene that inspired this drawing: Google Street View Link

"Sardinia Landscape"
29.7 x 42 cm, colored pencil

Virtual Paintout - Sardinia - October 2011

This is a quick message to provide anyone interested with the URL address of the Google Street View photo that I used in creating the above drawing. I worked on this over the weekend (it's raining here in Brussels now) and just submitted it to the Virtual Paintout

Google Street View Link

8.5" x 11", colored pencil (Polychromos) in Canson Sketchbook

Château de Wolvendael - 2 Octobre 2011

I had to take advantage of the fantastic weather this weekend to start a painting in the park.  I was sitting right in the sun and it was so hot - I really must try to find a big hat so I can see something next time I do this!

"Chateau de Wolvendael - automne"
20x25cm, oil on canvas