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Virtual Paintout - Co Clare, Ireland - December 2010

Unfortunately I missed November's Paintout (first time since starting in May). I spent way too much time travelling around Rio and left no time for painting. So this month I forced myself to get an early start. I wasn't sure if I would finish in time so I submitted the above (nearly finished) version of the painting. County Clare is beautiful by the way. What amazing greens! I hope to give Ireland another shot later in the month.

Below are steps 1, 2, and 3. 
I always try to take these photos to remember what I've done -- where did it go right or wrong....

Very impatient to see the greens right at the beginning...

Starting to take shape but I know I'll have to stop here for a while.

Managed to come back to the painting and although I've become fascinated by the wall, the tree has started to seem like a daunting task.....

Here's the link in Google Street View: LINK

See my next post for the completed painting: County Clare - final

"County Clare, Ireland"
40x40cm, oil on canvas


  1. Nice composition. Lovely soft colors. I especially like the tree against a very nice sky.

  2. Love the shadows and sunlight. And the wall looks great. They do have some walls over there don't they? And the bare tree! Pulls it all together, really feels like one.

    Nice going.

  3. This is so much like Country Clare that i am roaming :)
    Your VPO entries are easy on the eye! Keep it up Catherine!