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Virtual Paintout - Romania - February 2011 (first stages)

I've run across some amazing scenery in Romania and couldn't wait to get started. Here's my first day's work. I'm also excited to be painting my first snow scene.

Progress was rapid because I'm using a small canvas again -- no time to complete a big one right now as I'd like to finish at least two paintings this month. I also tried to spend more time at the beginning deciding exactly what I wanted to do. Hopefully that will speed things up too.

Day 2: I finished this painting today (see next post) and I’m happy with the result but it’s brought to mind three things I want to remember for next time: 1) I like working on a very smooth canvas like the one I used here; 2) I prefer them bigger however; and 3) I should try to get the tones right before putting in too much detail -- that’s always been my downfall.

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