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Virtual Paintout - Fairbanks, Alaska and Points North - August 2011

I think Bill Guffey chose a cold spot on purpose for our summer paintout this August. However, the weather here in Brussels has been worse than what I'm seeing on Street View Alaska! It rains nearly every day and people have been wearing winter boots and trench coats recently. Hopefully August 15th marks the start of our real summer.

Meanwhile, I decided to take out my pastels and see if they hadn't dried out (they seem to still be usable). I was also eager to try out the colored paper which was part of my birthday present from my daughter. I don't think I've ever used pastels on colored paper before. I was planning to do a few quick sketches of this road that I found between Fairbanks and Prudhoe Bay (Dalton Highway)and then decide which view to paint in oils but I'm not sure I'll get any further than this.

"Points North"
12.5 x 8.5 inch, pastel on orange paper

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