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all of us!

I used to think I was fairly unique in the world.  I mean, there were usually three other "Cathy's" in my high school classes but never another Hale. Even local phone books concurred. But years later, the Internet changed all that. I should have suspected it when I couldn't get my email address back after letting it expire. It was only when Google slowly crept into my life, that I began to discover others. I remember first finding a school teacher in the South, then a lawyer. Later the list started growing quickly. However, I only stumbled on another Catherine Hale artist about two years ago (Catherine Hale in the UK).  That's when I decided to make my own mark on the Web. I linked myself to my current residence in Brussels so there could be no confusion.  Now and then I check again.  An 85 year old sculptor in Canada named Catherine Hale had her first show last year: Catherine Hale in Canada.   Now a third Catherine Hale artist has come on line -- Catherine Hale in AustraliaI like their work and each has a unique approach. I'm dedicating this post to all the Catherine Hale's of the world! ;)

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