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Virtual Paintout - Denmark - September 2012

The Virtual Paintout took us to Zealand in Denmark this month. At first I followed the coastline and checked out the picturesque harbours:  birds, boats, children -- but unfortunately always with overcast skies.  So I moved inland and selected a sunny landscape: 

"62 Sorøvej, Sjælland, Denmark"
13x18cm, oil on canvas

The deadline for submissions was approaching yet I was determined to tackle something bigger. I thought I'd go back and paint a harbour but then ran across some springtime scenes with blossoming fruit trees.  I was ready to go when I turned a corner and the season changed to autumn. The Google image said "October 2010" -- how appropriate!  The light was just right -- casting long shadows of the trees that were starting to turn yellow and pink:

Link to reference photo in Google.

"Early Autumn in Denmark"
40x40cm, oil on canvas

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