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Happy New Year!

Some tiny ACEOs to start the year.  

These small canvas panels are difficult to find in Brussels so I ordered them at www.SharksArtCanvas.com.  I have been calling them ATCs ("Artist Trading Cards") but it looks like that is used only for a specific exchange project. So the generic term must be ACEO ("Art Cards, Editions and Originals").

First, I finally got around to doing the Daily Paintworks painting challenge from 2011.  Take a look at the site to see all the cats:  
The whole cat and kaboodle challenge 

ACEO n°6: "DPW Cat" 
6.4x8.9cm, oil on canvas panel

After that I tried Evhe's "défi de peinture", which I just discovered last week. I am amazed that by checking the VPO blog in Kentucky, I linked to a blog in Malaga and that's where I found a link to this painting challenge hosted by a painter in Moselle:
A nos pinceaux

ACEO n°7: "Tulips" 
8.9x6.4cm, oil on canvas panel 
(Private collection, Brussels)

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